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I am an Osteopathic Practitioner & Kinesiologist whose approach empowers my clients to live healthier and more active lives. 

I want to help you maximize your physical potential by providing you with tools that enable you to live and move effectively and safely.

By working with other professionals in an INTER-DISCIPLINARY concept, it is through the collective knowledge and skills combined that results are achieved.



Osteopathic assessments involve the entire body and making links between different body regions and systems are typically discovered. This one-of-a-kind service offering integrates the philosophy, principles and practices from osteopathy, kinesiology and exercise physiology for a life changing healthcare experience.
Leg Injury

Kinesiology & Active Rehab

Through the application and implementation of exercise and manual therapy, we will get you back on the road to recovery with our practitioner. Whether you just sustained a major injury or want to know what your body’s limitations are, we provide extensive and thorough assessments to know exactly what you need.

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Greg Elliott, MS, CEP, BCAK, DOMP
Exercise Physiologist, Kinesiologist & Osteopathic Practitioner

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Wellness Centers BC

#200 – 1938 152 St.
Surrey, BC

P: (604) 531-6255

Fit To Train

#710 – 808 Nelson St.

Vancouver, BC

P: (604) 630-62404

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