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Below you can listen to or view the various interviews I have done and podcasts I have been a guest on.

Deep Dive into Heart Rate Variability with Greg Elliott

Health Upgrade Podcast

In this episode, we will have a very significant discussion on heart rate variability. The HRV is a measurement tool that we use to check how our vagus nerve and other autonomic nerves are functioning. We will talk about the multiple ways of measuring heart rate variability and how we can contextualize and utilize the HRV data to positively impact our overall health, especially for people that have various chronic conditions and chronic diseases. We will also touch on incorporating vagus nerve stimulation into heart rate variability. When the vagus nerve is stimulated there is an increase in parasympathetic, reducing inflammation through the cholinergic anti-inflammatory pathway which then increases the complexity of HRV.

Using Wearable Technology to Optimize Holistic Behavioral Interventions

Integrative Practitioner Podcast

Greg Elliott, MS, CEP, DO(MP), joins Integrative Practitioner associate editor, Avery St. Onge, to discuss how wearable technologies can be used alongside holistic behavioral interventions to improve out-of-clinic care.


EP35: HRV & Physical Performance with Greg Elliott

The Ultrahuman Podcast

It is often discussed how we can efficiently increase performance while on our runs, on workouts or any of the sports we play. It is interesting to see this has deep correlations with some of the biomarkers such as heart-rate variability or HRV. In this episode, we dive deep on precisely the same with Greg Elliott who has years of work and research in the field of HRV.

Web Chat Series #4: Greg Elliott

BCPTI Vancouver

Greg is a Kinesiologist, Clinical Exercise Physiologist and works both privately through his own company and with the team at Fit to Train Human Performance Systems in downtown Vancouver. He has his Master's of Science in Exercise Science from Bloomburg University of Pennsylvania and is in his final year at the Canadian School of Osteopathy Manual Practice to become an osteopathic practitioner. And, or course, he's the co-founder of, the leading online resource for learning the science and application of Heart Rate Variability.


Clinical Rehabilitation and HRV with Greg Elliott

The Elite HRV Podcast

In This Episode, Clinical Exercise Physiologist, Kinesiologist, and Osteopath in training, Greg Elliott shares his experience quantifying and optimizing his patients’ health (and some athletes as well)!

Heart Rate Variability to Optimize Training


Greg Elliott, Founder of the Foundations of Heart Rate Variability course & the Altius Health & Performance and Chad Benson, Innovative Fitness Director of Education, discuss Heart Rate Variability to Optimize Training and Recovery for Your Clients – and Yourself.


Heart Rate Variability Application w/ Greg Elliott

Linked Fit: Train Smart

In this Train Smart episode, Linked Fit and Dane Bartz have the pleasure of interviewing Greg Elliott! In this episode, Greg will be discussing how heart rate variability can be applied within a variety of populations. Additionally, talking about the metrics and what they mean for practitioners and how important they are for understanding the true meaning behind heart rate variability application.

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