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Relieve Pain

Welcome to Altius Osteopathy, your premier destination for comprehensive Osteopathy services in White Rock. If you're tired of enduring persistent pain or feeling subpar, our dedicated team of experienced Osteopathic practitioners is here to provide transformative answers tailored to your needs.


At Altius Osteopathy, we understand that persistent pain can significantly impact your quality of life. That's why we go beyond merely alleviating symptoms – our unique approach delves deep into identifying the root causes of your discomfort. Our team of skilled Osteopathic practitioners, specializing in Osteopathy, Kinesiology, and Exercise Science, is committed to restoring your physical health by addressing the underlying factors contributing to pain and discomfort in your life.


We specialize in providing effective Osteopathy services to address a wide range of pain conditions that people often need help with. Whether you're dealing with chronic back pain, sports injuries, headaches, or any other musculoskeletal issues, our experienced Osteopathic practitioners can offer personalized solutions to alleviate your discomfort and enhance your overall well-being.


Stop letting pain dictate your life. Take control and reclaim your vitality with Altius Osteopathy. Book an appointment with our expert Osteopath in White Rock and discover the profound difference that personalized, natural care can make in your journey to a healthier, pain-free life. Our Osteopathic practitioners are dedicated to providing exceptional care, using evidence-based techniques to enhance your mobility, reduce pain, and improve your overall quality of life.


Experience the best of Osteopathy in White Rock – your path to optimal well-being starts here at Altius Osteopathy. Don't let pain hold you back any longer; let our skilled Osteopathic practitioners help you regain your freedom and live your life to the fullest. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and take the first step towards a pain-free future.

Osteopath Near Me Treatment

What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathic Manual Practitioners palpate by gently, yet intentionally, touching the tissues or systems under examination. With experience, Osteopathic Manual Practitioners learn to palpate not just superficially but also very deeply within the body. This sensory information is received through touch receptors on the fingertips and palms, and through the proprioceptors (motion and position sensors) embedded deeply within the joints of the hands, wrists, arms, and even the shoulders.

The ability to detect minute modifications in the quality of the tissues is the assessment skill that allows the Osteopathic Manual Practitioner to help prioritize a patient's course of treatment. These tissue “qualities” include congestion, dehydration, scarring, stiffness, density, or loss of resilience, as well as motility which is an infinitesimal movement inherent to all living tissues. It is this sensing of the quality of the tissue, in combination with the position, mobility, and vitality of the tissues, that allows Osteopathic Manual Practitioners to determine the tissues or systems that need immediate attention.

What makes Osteopathic Treatment Different?

  • Osteopathy is only the true wholistic manual therapy. A dysfunction in one part of the body can have a major impact on the wellbeing on the rest of the body.

  • Osteopathy works with your own energy. We work with the vitality or the energy that is present within you without using undo force. Osteopathic Practitioners study for years to develop highly sensitive palpation to be able to listen to what your body is saying.

  • Osteopathic practitioners are extensively trained in manual techniques to treat all body structures: muscles, fascia, joints, organs and nerves. Osteopathy has a unique methodology through a study of anatomy, physiology and the interrelationships of all systems of the body. We calm the nervous system, improve circulation and assist your body’s ability to move.

Shoulder Treatment

Most common complaints people consult an osteopathic practitioner for:

  • Low back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Hip pain
  • Knee pain
  • Foot pain
  • Sciatica

  • Sports injuries

  • Asthma

  • Digestive disturbances

  • Sprains and strains

  • Degenerative joint disease (arthritis)

  • Biomechanical impairments

  • Concussions

  • Headaches and migraines

  • Pre and post-surgical rehab

  • Chronic pain

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